Augmented Reality

We started developing augmented reality apps back in 2010.

We loved the technology but all the examples and demos available lacked quality, performance and engaging content.  We asked ourselves  “What’s wrong?”.  We found the answer and decided to approach mobile augmented reality from a different direction – as specialists in Visual Effects.   This together with our constant search for the next big thing means we are always ahead of the curve.  Click on any of the 4 sections to find out more …

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

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Red Frog has worked on feature films, TV dramas and corporate productions, providing some of the most exciting visual effects shots that can be imagined.

We can blow things up, add smoke, liquids, flames or just about anything else you can think of, to just about any moving camera shot, simple or complex.

Simple (and tricky) screen replacements, set extensions and atmospheric enhancements.  We can build complete 3D environments for moving camera shots – which is not a problem with our super-duper 3D tracking.

We use the latest in sensor based motion and character capture.

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We have a track record of producing eye catching, innovative and informative content for our clients.

Our productions can appear on client websites, live events, on TV and cinema or even at internal communication events.

We work with some of the world’s largest and best known brands.

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About Us

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We are Red Frog Digital and we love our job!

We are an award winning fresh and dynamic digital studio, specialising in augmented reality, AR Glasses and breathtaking 3D content.  We’re located in Salford Quays, United Kingdom.

Our job is turn ideas and dreams into reality and thanks to our high profile team we guarantee to do a fantastic job.

Every one of our team comes from a very specific background, bringing a unique set of skills that is reflected in all of our products.  We love challenges and we usually propose technologies that our competitors would consider “the next step”.  The difference?  We can deliver it now.

We pride ourselves on producing unbelievably great work for our clients and ensuring that the experience is an unique one


Red Frog Digital's co-founder and CEO.

David was educated at Loughborough & UMIST universities and started his career as an R&D software engineer for Markem Corp.  After a number of technical business management positions, David re-located to Hamburg, Germany to take up the position of European sales & marketing director for Avery Dennison.

In 1998 David re-located back to the UK when he was appointed managing director of Imaje UK, a Dover Corp company and one of the world's leaders in industrial ink jet printing technologies.

Alessandro, Paul & David formed Red Frog Digital in March 2013.



Alessandro is the company's co-founder and CTO, who in the early 90’s after years performing street art, started his career in graphic design, visual effects and coding.

Alessandro has been part of the Red Frog team since he re-located to the UK back in 2009, and provides that special ingredient and flare that only Italians seem to understand.


James Gurney

The business is delighted to announce that James has been appointed Managing Director with immediate effect.  James's role is to focus on delivering the company's vision of being "World leaders in Augmented Reality Experiences" and managing global strategy with the company's latest AR Experience technology - Holo Tours.


Sharon Randall

Sharon was recently been appointed to the company's Board of Directors.  Sharon brings a wealth of commercial and business acumen.


Adrian Rashad Driscoll

Red Frog Digital is pleased to announce the appointment of Adrian as Director of US Partnerships.

Adrian Rashad Driscoll is a world-renowned AR/VR expert. With over 5 years in the immersive technology industry, he will be a valuable asset to our Segway into the US Market.

From the small city of Barstow CA, (yeah, the pit stop on the way to Vegas) ADRIAN RASHAD DRISCOLL followed his dream of becoming a professional actor and moved to Los Angeles. Shortly after that he was woken up. After 6 years of great weather and bad traffic, he now makes his living as a filmmaker and VR/AR consultant. He has had the privilege of working with large studios and amazing companies to produce great VR/AR titles and experiences. In addition, Adrian works with the EAST school program on multiple VR/AR projects that are more geared towards education and medical research. His goal is to focus on the deeper side of VR and MR and to destroy the stigma of “Immersive Reality being just for gamers.” French Fries are the key to his heart.


Andy Speakman

We're pleased to announce that Andy Speakman recently joined the company.   Andy is a Unity3d developer with over 7 years of hands-on experience spread between self-driven projects and freelance contracts with over 40 different projects. He’s invaluable hands-on knowledge of the entire unity production line and well-rounded project experience makes him a perfect fit for a variety of projects


Simon Davis

Simon is the latest addition to the team, joining as a Software Developer.  Fresh from the University of Manchester, he graduated with a B.Sc in Computer Science, including an internship at Rare Ltd.

Outside of Red Frog he enjoys performing as a sketch comedian, telling riddles, and going for short walks along the beach (if you walk too far you end up in the sea).



Nicola Filiali is a world class 3D animation and modelling artist, and is actually based in Ancona, Italy where he lives with his family.

Nicola joined Red Frog back in 2011 and since has helped the company to achieve numerous international awards with some of the best 3D animated content imaginable.


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