Red Frog Digital partner with Knowsley Safari

Red Frog Digital are pleased to announce our latest partnership with Knowsley Safari, one of the UK’s leading tourist attraction. The project is an Augmented Reality mobile app that promotes their Safari Guide Book. The app is used to bring the guide book to life and features everyone’s favourite – Jabari, the baby white rhino.

Knowsley Safari approached Red Frog with the idea of revamping their guidebook into something that could be used by visitors long after their action packed day at the park has come to an end, providing them with something interactive, educational and engaging that can make those memories last even longer.

Red Frog enjoyed working very closely with Rachel Scott (Head of Marketing, Knowsley Safari) and her team to get the project over the line. Here’s what Rachel had to say about the partnership; quote courtesy of Blooloop:

“We started to think about activities that would keep people engaged and maintain interest. It was during the early stages of planning the guidebook that we met James (Loveridge) from Red Frog Digital.

“When he showed us examples of some of the augmented reality he had worked with, we thought it would be an ideal addition to our guidebook, something a little bit different, engaging and encouraging people to use it once they got home. So that was how the Knowsley App came about. It fitted really nicely with our objectives.”

Red Frog are of course hoping this will just be the start of the journey with Knowsley and we have some concrete visions on how Augmented Reality can grow within the park and the visitor attraction industry as a whole.

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